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Mathew Addison

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Name: Matthew Addison
Code Name: Nemesis (Project: Nemesis)
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Portrayed By: Eric Mabius

Matt Addison worked for an anti-Umbrella taskforce determined to expose Umbrella's dark secrets in bio-weaponary and obtain evidencemof the T-Virus. He went to Racoon City to gain entrance to The Hive, where his sister Lisa works as a research scientist with the mission of discovering their secrets and maintaining a sample of the T-Virus. Matt lost contact with his sister and comes to investigatee under the guise of a rookie Racoon Police Department cop.

The result of the Hive incident caused Matt to become infected. Matt began to mutate at an unpredictable rate, and was surgically and genetically altered in an Umbrella Lab, right beside Alice.

Arguably Umbrella's most lethal bioweapon, Nemesis was a creature created through extensive genetic manipulation and administration of the G- and T-Viruses on a human. Nemesis was unleashed on Raccoon City to hunt and kill any surviving members of the S.T.A.R.S. teams and Alice Abernathy (Project: Alice). Nemesis is twice the size of a regular human (size example) and is extremely strong and hard to kill.

**Disclaimer: I am not Eric Mabius nor the writers/creators/producers of the Resident Evil Movies**

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